Moet & Chandon Rose NV Jeroboam (3Ltr)

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Moet Rose Jeroboam in Wood Box


Enthusiastic and liberal, Rose Imperial separates itself by a brilliant shading, an extraordinary fruitiness and ostentatiousness on the sense of taste, that in a split second entice and pleasure. The shading is a shining pink with prevailing red tones and purple highlights.

The smells are extraordinary and overpowering, a vivacious bundle of crisp red summer berries (strawberry, raspberry and red currant) with flower subtleties (rose, hawthorn) and a light peppery touch.

The sense of taste is showy and consolidates force and roundness: plump and succulent at to start with, then firm (natural product stone), with an inconspicuous home grown (mint) wrap up.

Rose Imperial's collection is based on the power of Pinot Noir (40 to half, 10% of which are red wine), the fruitiness of Pinot Meunier (30 to 40%, 10% of which are red wine) and the artfulness of Chardonnay (10 to 20%). The utilization of 20 to 30% of painstakingly chose hold wines finish the collection and upgrade its power, nuance and consistency.

Foundation Information:

Moet and Chandon: the world's driving champagne brand. With access to the district's most broad vineyards and hundreds of years of mastery, the Moet and Chandon name ensures amazing and steady quality through each jug of Moet Imperial, Rose Imperial and Grand Vintage champagne. Moet is the champagne of the individuals who carry on with a remarkable life and have festivity as a piece of their way of life.

Rose Imperial is the most outgoing person and tempting articulation of the Moet and Chandon style. It mirrors the assorted qualities and complementarities of the three champagne grapes and the wealth of the locale's best vineyards to uncover the enchantment of the world's most adored champagne.

In a Mediterranean soul, sustenance pairings ought to be straightforward and extreme in fragrance, flavor and shading. Barbecued shellfish, red-fleshed fish in a flimsy cut carpaccio, flame broiled or dish singed, red meat (crude to softly cooked) in a light sauce, delectable, sun-matured vegetables and crisp red berries are especially suggested.

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