The legend of Drambuie advises that the formula was given to John MacKinnon in 1746 by Bonnie Prince Charlie as prize for helping him get away from the King's men as he fled the Battle of Culloden.

The formula stayed in the family until 1873 when it discovered its way into the ownership of John Ross of the Broadford Hotel. After serving it to his clients, they remarked that it was "a measure buidheach", or "the beverage that fulfils" in Gaelic. This was abbreviated to Drambuie and the name stuck.

Drambuie genuinely developed to notoriety in the 1960s when the Rat Pack embraced the Rusty Nail mixed drink at a notorious New York club in this way leaving its imprint in popular society. A one of a kind mix of scotch whisky, nectar, herbs and flavours,

Drambuie is a beverage from history that will undoubtedly fulfil.


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