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Monkey Shoulder

One of the most unusual whiskey names around, Monkey Shoulder comes from a time when maltmen used to turn barley by hand, without these maltmen whisky may not exist today.

As they used to work by hand it gave many maltment injuries to their shoulders, with their arm hanging low like a monkey. It is basically paying tribute to these hard working men, it is still called Monkey Shoulder all this time, however the working conditions have improved, with injuries less likely to occur. The whiskey itself is a blend of the finest Speyside malt whiskies, by a Master Blender called Brian Kinsman. 

Monkey Shoulder

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  • Monkey Shoulder (70cl)
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    Monkey Shoulder (70cl)

    Monkey Shoulder
    Monkey Shoulder (70cl) It is a Scotch whisky with a alcohol strength of 40%. Having notes of vanilla on the nose very light & delicate. A very sweet whisky with a smooth taste, with hints of barley, sugar & marmalade. Only using 1 single malt...
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