Champagne One stock the very best selection of Gosset Champagne in the UK

The Gosset style is very creamy, dry but not acidic, full, biscuity and yeasty. All the cuvees have good bottle age. The Champagnes are excellent by themselves or with food.

Gosset's owner Pierre Gosset, who was the Mayor of Aÿ in 1584 was also a vineyard owner. He produced a still red wine (champagne was yet to be invented) and sold his wines in Paris and Brussels, hence the 'Oldest wine house in Champagne' - not the oldest Champagne House!

All Gosset Champagnes are 'recently disgorged' and the house does not undertake malolactic fermentation. This preserves acidity which in turn keeps the wine fresh for much longer. Bottles are removed from one part of the cellar to another every six months, and given a vigorous shake in the process. This reinvigorates any live yeast and is only carried out by a few houses.

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