Champagne One stocks the widest selection of Pommery Champagne in the UK.

Madame Pommery created the first successfully marketed Brut Champagne ‘Pommery Nature 1874’ at a time when most Champagnes were excessively sweetened by sugar. This set the benchmark for the rest of Champagne and it is in this spirit that the style of Pommery endures; with each unique cuvée displaying elegance, finesse and true class. Today, all of the wines are expertly crafted by Chef de Cave, Thierry Gasco - the 9th Cellar Master at Pommery.

Pommery boasts some of the finest cellars in Reims, with over 18 kilometres of galleries hollowed out of chalk. Residing some 30 metres under the ground, these keep the maturing wine at a steady 10°c throughout the year. Pommery has continually been a generous patron of the arts and upholds this responsibility today, using the building as a venue to exhibit exciting contemporary art

Product Of Pommery (POP) is an extra dry Champagne (slightly sweeter) under a lower pressure in 20cl bottles with real corks designed to be consumed from the bottle with a straw. The specially packaged Union Jack limited edition bottle from Pommery contains a generous glass measure of their non-vintage Champagne.

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