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A heritage dating back to 1670, Wood's Rum is distilled in Guyana's Diamond Distillery.

The rum is created from the sweetest sugarcane's in the Caribbean.

One which is the Demerara Sugar from the banks of the river, it flows through Guyana.

Distilled using traditional pot stills, a technique used to make malt whiskey & which has not been changed for time.

Now sold world wide on a high basis as consumers can't get enough of the rum.


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  • Wood's Old Navy Rum (70cl)
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    Woods Old Navy Rum (70cl)

    Wood's Old Navy Rum (70cl) Crafted in Guyana, this Navy rum is an brilliant over proof pot still. It has rich Demerara flavours, also ideal to float on cocktails. The rum is the only Demerara which is still bottled at 57%, it is the same as the original...
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