With a legacy of almost two centuries behind it - the House of G.H. MUMM, established in 1827, still aspires to the original aims of the great Georges Hermann Mumm, one of the father figures of the House. His passion was to achieve the highest possible quality for G.H. MUMM champagnes: time after time he was heard to say “Only the Best”.

In 1875, he decided to decorate each of his bottles with the prized Cordon Rouge or red sash of the Légion d’Honneur, the highest French civilian distinction, created by Napoleon I. Over and above the symbol of excellence that it represents, the Cordon Rouge embodies the true spirit that drives the House: the quest for perfection, a spirit of adventure and panache.

Mumm today is one of the largest Champagne producers worldwide, famous for its red ribbon - Cordon Rouge patterned after and resembling the French Grand Cordon of the Légion d'Honneur.

G.H. Mumm has been an official sponsor of the Formula 1 since 2000 and provides the Champagne bottles for the podium celebrations after each race.

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