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Moet & Chandon Brut NV

Vivacious and liberal, Brut Imperial separates itself by a splendid fruitiness, an alluring sense of taste and an exquisite development, that constantly tempt and enchant. The shading is a rich brilliant straw yellow with green highlights.

Its fragrances are brilliant, uncovering splendid white-fleshed natural products (apple, pear, white peach), citrus organic products (lemon), botanical subtleties (lime bloom) and rich light notes (brioche and new nuts).

The sense of taste is enchanting, lavishly flavourful and smooth consolidating liberality and tastefulness, completion and artfulness, trailed by a carefully new firmness (organic product with seeds), to uncover the otherworldly adjust of champagne.

Brut Imperial is a to a great degree achieved collection of more than 200 crus, making an impeccable parity of the three champagne grape assortments (30% to 40% Pinot Noir, 30% to 40% Pinot Meunier, 20% to 30% Chardonnay). The utilization of 20% to 30% of deliberately chose save wines finish the collection and upgrade its development, unpredictability and consistency.

Foundation Information:

Moet and Chandon: the world's driving champagne brand. With access to the district's most broad vineyards and hundreds of years of mastery, the Moet and Chandon name ensures great and predictable quality through each jug of Moet Imperial, Rose Imperial and Grand Vintage champagne. Moet is the champagne of the individuals who carry on with a breathtaking life and have festivity as a piece of their way of life.

The leader of Moet and Chandon since 1869, Brut Imperial is the most refined and all inclusive articulation of its style. It mirrors the assorted qualities and complementarities of the three champagne grapes and the abundance of the area's best vineyards to uncover the enchantment of the world's most adored champagne.

Brut Imperial can be served as a prelude to supper and completely through to dessert. It is flawless with sushi and dumplings, shellfish and fish in light sauces, poached, cooked, or gently sauced white meats, and new organic product servings of mixed greens that are not very sweet.


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