Duval-Leroy Demi-Sec (75cl)

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Duval-Leroy Demi-Sec (75cl)


A shock for wine lovers

To welcome this wine, Duval-Leroy welcomes you to go into a personal dream. Its shading, with tints from gold to pearl, declares an extraordinary, refined champagne.

This cuvee uncovers complete harmonies and sparkling reverberation, its fine air pockets intertwining and bringing you with them.

You can take in the enticing, enrapturing sweetness of our Demi-Sec, got 90% from Pinots, with the equalization from Chardonnay. You will love to lose yourself in the delicacy of its taste, which, tender on the mouth, presents an escalated palette of toasty, brioche flavors, adjusted quince and hazel.

Duval-Leroy Demi-Sec's vinosity will supplement your sweet treats, specifically baked goods, conveying to them a lavishness and profundity. Certain people will be sufficiently challenging to utilize culinary complexity to convey this Champagne to its stature, going with it with a parmesan millefeuille with a strawberry and balsamic vinegar sauce.

Grapes assortments: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Meunier

Bottle size: 75cl

Step by step instructions to appreciate it: Rich and liberal, this wine runs consummately with treats and cakes.

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