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Bollinger PN TX17 Magnum (1.5Ltr)

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Bollinger PN TX17 Magnum (1.5Ltr)

Bollinger PN, made exclusively from Pinot Noir, has been crafted by the House to express its unique vision of this specific grape variety. This new PN TX17 edition explores the unique interpretation of Pinot Noir from Tauxières 2017.
A predominant grape across the range, Pinot Noir is the pillar of the Bollinger style, and the House has forged its reputation by showcasing this variety. 
Bollinger PN embodies the ambition to bring to light the variety of expressions of Pinot Noir by selecting the finest varietal from several terroirs, each contributing a unique component to the overall taste.
PN TX17: Precision and Vivacity
Third edition of the Bollinger PN collection, the PN TX17 champagne is a blend with a unique taste, showcasing the distinctive features of wines from the Tauxières terroir, which make up the majority of the blend.
The significant proportion of Tauxières in this edition's blend expresses the characteristics of the Pinot Noir from this terroir: tension, precision and complexity. 
Reserve wines, aged in magnums, are added to bring a sense of aromatic harmony and further complexity to the blend.
Due to unfavourable weather, 2017 was a particularly difficult year for Pinot Noir grown in Montagne de Reims. The grapes from this harvest are well-balanced, with a natural alcohol content of 10.1% and an acidity of 7 g/L. The reserve wines contribute to the wine's exceptional aromatic intensity, especially the Pinots Noirs aged in magnums for almost 11 years. 
The aroma of this edition of TX17 is first characterised by notes of dried flowers, joined by aromas of tobacco and mocha.
The nose is sophisticated, subtle and complex, rounding off with notes of liquorice and dried fruit. The palate is fruity and highly refreshing, with notes of apricot, peach and exotic fruit, followed by flavours of acacia honey and spices. A lively, linear wine with great clarity. A lively and linear wine, in contrast with the nose.
PN TX17 is a wine to be enjoyed by enthusiasts interested in the expression of Pinot Noir from across the Champagne region.
A unique expression for each edition:
The taste of Pinot Noir is the main characteristic of the Bollinger PN cuvée. PN TX17 offers a fresh vision of Bollinger's savoir-faire and vineyards.
Each edition will feature a different cru from the base year, carefully selected by Champagne Bollinger, so that each new version will be an elegant reinvention of the original cuvée. 
100% Pinot Noir
Main origin: Tauxières
Other villages: Verzenay, Avenay
Base vintage: 2017
Oldest reserve wine: 2006
Dosage: very low, 4 grams per liter
Pinot Noir, a fresh interpretation of the Bollinger style

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Magnum 1.5Ltr