AU Vodka Gold Gift Set (70cl)

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AU Vodka Gold Gift Set (70cl)

An brilliant luxury gift set!

Au’s stunning V-shaped gold bottle is created using the finest components that pass the hands of the world’s most culturally rich countries. There mission was to create a bottle that truly reflected the excellence of the vodka and the result being there to show a stopping premium gold glass bottle - they have certainly achieved there goal.

The bottles’ finishing touches are made in Italy, a country that is celebrated for its character and beauty, making Au the pinnacle of glasswork and truly a piece of art.

Gold, symbolizing power and perfection, represents the exceptional purity of there unique vodka. This formidable element is a key component of there craft filtration process.

The Vodka is filtered using traditional charcoal, however, the formula then flows at high pressure through a filter chamber containing gold to remove further carbon based impurities that could otherwise detract from Au’s unparalleled taste. Gold has mineral properties that give the vodka a smooth and velvety taste. This method is one of the only gold filtration processes in the world.

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