Henri Giraud MV13 Fut De Chene (37.5cl)

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Henri Giraud MV13 Fut De Chene (37.5cl)

Tasting Notes:

A brilliant shading with fine air pockets. On the nose mind boggling and extraordinary with notes of mint, aniseed and fruits.

The fragrances are compliment by a limestone minerality, fresh acridity and a waiting completion.

Serving Suggestion:

Incredible backup to hot dishes, poultry or fish in velvety sauce.

Grape Varieties:

70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay only in the terroir of Ay Grand Cru, brought for 12 months up in Argonne Oak barrels.

Measurements: 8g/l.

Lingering Sugar: 10.45g/l


To make this novel Champagne, part of the mix is aged in little new barrels produced using Argonne oak for 10 days at 13-18°C, experiencing full regular malolactic aging. Post maturation maceration goes on for 10 days at 18-20°C. The wine is then developed on the full remains for one year in 228L Argonne barrels (20% new), then mixed with new wine and matured in a solera-like arrangement of little oak barrels for a further 12 months before it is moved into containers. The wine is developed in its container for a further 6 years.

Vineyard and Viticulture:

The vineyards are south-bound, regularly on entirely soak inclines, where the powdery soils are all around presented to get the glow of the sun. The grapes for this wine originate from single site where the normal period of vines is between 35-40 years. Grapes are gathered completely by hand.

Foundation Information:

Peers of Henri IV and his relatives, the Hémart family settled for all time in Aÿ toward the start of the seventeenth century. Their history flourished there and turned out to be firmly entwined with the pivotal recorded occasions identifying with Champagne from the eighteenth century onwards. At the opening of the twentieth century, Léon Giraud wedded Miss Hémart and remade the superb family vineyard, which had been desolated by phylloxera. Today, Claude Giraud, the twelfth era of the Giraud-Hémart family, is accountable for the fortunes of the privately-run company.

The Giraud-Hémart family own 20 hectares - 35 packages of Grand Cru place where there is which 26 is planted with Pinot Noir and 9 with Chardonnay. Just 17 of the Champagne district's 323 Crus are classed as Grand Crus (appraised 100%). The wine creation of Giraud domain is earth inviting, subscribing to the 'lutte-raisonnée' (constrained intercession grape developing).

The general creation is constrained to 250 000 containers a year, making the Giraud Champagne stand separated from the larger part of mass delivering champagne houses.

The Giraud house is one of only a handful few houses (Krug is another sample) that lead essential maturations in oak. Henri Giraud pride themselves on sourcing wood for its barrels from the moderate developing, tight grained, top notch trees of the antiquated timberland of Argonne, lying only 35 miles from the bequest.

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